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Horizontal Sand Mill (EDW)/200-3000 rpm / UV ink production lineFeatures:1, high abrasive resistance materials (zirconia, tungsten carbide, hard alloy etc. ) guarantee working life span2, dynamic fence booms discharge solve problems of slow discharge and grinding medium getting st

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Horizontal Sand Mill (EDW)/200-3000 rpm / UV ink production line

1, high abrasive resistance materials (zirconia, tungsten carbide, hard alloy etc. ) guarantee working life span
2, dynamic fence booms discharge solve problems of slow discharge and grinding medium getting stuck
3, German BURGMANN double end-face mechanical seal can bear more than 10bar pressure
4, screw structure inside cooling jacket increase cooling area and improve cooling efficiency
5, grinding beads small to 0.2mm guarantee superfine grinding/milling
5, meet demands of continuous production

6, especially suitable for high viscosity, high solid-content, superfine grinding/milling
7, inner & outer double pins improve high wet grinding/milling efficiency
8, ex-proof (optional)
9, precise control system & fault alarming
10, kinds of feeding pumps to different processing requirements (e. G. Pneumatic diaphragm pump)
11, low power consumption

EDW-557.5  1440  2001300*1050*450  650
EDW-151518.5  1440  5001600*1450*650  1200
EDW-2020  22  1260  8001600*1450*650  1350
EDW-3030  37  1260  12001650*1550*750  1700
EDW-4040  45  980  15001750*1650*850  2100
EDW-5050  55  980  20001900*1850*850  2300
EDW-100100  110  860  30002300*2150*950  380

Horizontal bead mill consist of rack,chamber,grinding disc,feed pump,.circulation pump of seal liquid,sealed tank,pressure gauge,thermometer and control box.

The equipment operation is simple because no installation is needed. Before use,1.0-1.2mm diameter zirconia beads should be added into the chamber of the bead mill and directions of motor rotation and arrow should be checked before running to make sure they are consistent with each other,bearing should be lubricated regularly and beads should be filtered and replaced on a regular basis.A word of warning, empty machine running is strictly prohibited.

There are three different types of horizontal bead mill,including pigment mill,colorant mill,pesticide mill,industrial coating mill and offset ink mill and they have their own applications,specifications and features.

horizontal bead mill (offset ink mill)
The horizontal bead mill can be extensively used in paint,pigment,dye,colorant,ink,pesticide,pharmaceutical,paper,offset printing ink,fluorescent ink,concentrated colorant,UV ink,printing ink,especially for grinding of pesticide suspension and industrial paint. According to its applications, it is also called a pesticide mill or industrial coating mill.

Firstly,offset ink mill is equipped with double mechanical seal and material compatible coolant makes the bead mill more reliable and durable and pollution of grinding material is reduced dramatically. 
Secondly,tungsten carbide mixer and imported zirconia beads can be used for grinding and dispersion of a wide viscosity range of materials and structural performance of loaded beads can be adjusted to meet different requirements.
In addition to that,tungsten carbide cylinder rod pins are mounted on the rotor and chamber to strength the impact and shearing function thus dispersed grinding is improved.In respect of fineness, the horizontal bead mill is perfectly tailored for the materials which require high viscosity and fineness and generally fineness can reach to 5 micron by dispersed grinding of solid particles.

paint and varnishPigment
water-based paintDye
Concentrated color pastePesticide
Magnetic Recording MaterialAuto Paint
Special PaintPaper Paste
Printing inkPharmaceutical

As a specialized horizontal bead mill manufacturer in China, ELE Mechanical & Electrical Equipment provides various types of products such as single pillar planetary agitator,paint mixing kettle,inline homogenize pump,and lab sand mill.

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