Precast Wall Sandwich Concrete Wall Panels for Hotels/Resorts

Precast Wall Sandwich Concrete Wall Board for Hotel/Resort Information of Precast WallPrecast wall is characterized by light weight, thin wall, convenient assembly and disassembly, energy saving and environmental protection, which is conducive to the industrial construction of the building.Material5mm fireproof calcium

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Precast Wall Sandwich Concrete Wall Board for Hotel/Resort


Information of Precast Wall

Precast wall is characterized by light weight, thin wall, convenient assembly and disassembly, energy saving and environmental protection, which is conducive to the industrial construction of the building.


5mm fireproof calcium silicate board+Flameresistant EPS+Cement+Sand+Fly ash


Length: 2270/2440mm


Width: 610mm


Thickness: 60/75/90/100/120/150mm


Fireproof, heat insulation, saving time and space, easy install, lightweight, waterproof


Cement mortar, Anti-crack tape, Steel bar, Cutting machine (we could offer if needed)

Connection way



One container

Production lead time

7-20days after receive deposit

Payment terms

1. T/T 30% deposit before production, T/T balance after receiving scan of documents. 2. L/C at sight

Precast Wall Sandwich Concrete Wall Board for Hotel/Resort

Advantages of EPS Cement Sandwich Panel

 Lightweight and economy
* Heat preservation

* Economical, environment-friendly, Energy-saving
* Sound insulation: 38~55dB
* Fireproof: ≥4 hours under the high temperature of 1000 degrees.
* Waterproof and wet proof: can be used for toilet, bathroom and kitchen partition wall
* Anti-pressure, anti-quake and anti-impact
* Spiking and stickability: hanging force for single point is more than 45kg

* Fast installation and saving labor cost: 3 workers can finish 120m2/day
* Increase usable area and reusable
* Long lifespan: the prefab house made by ZJT wall panels can last more than 50 years, it is the
best substitute for conventional concrete wall materials.


Application of EPS Cement Sandwich Panel

Applicable to sub-room sound insulation has higher requirements on projects such as hotels, ktv, schools, hospitals, etc.
Applicable to projects that have restrictions on construction, such as shopping mall partitions, secondary renovation walls.
Applicable to the requirements for reducing the wall load: ultra-high wall, light steel house, steel structure, prefabricated house.
Suitable for projects with special requirements for fire protection, such as pipeline wells, firewalls, and large kitchens.
Applicable to projects that require construction progress.

Precast Wall Sandwich Concrete Wall Board for Hotel/Resort


Precast Wall, Your wall is ready!
Precast Wall Sandwich Concrete Wall Board for Hotel/Resort



Finishing of EPS Cement Sandwich Panel

The reform and development of the wall is a major change in the construction industry. From the beginning of the earth wall, the red brick wall to the later cement wall, until now the appearance of the lightweight partition panels.

Lightweight partition panels has been widely used in recent years because it has many advantages, such as sound insulation, fireproof, environmental protection, moisture proof and waterproof, heat insulation, of course, except for some, lightweight partition panels for a construction family in terms of it, it makes a lot of sense. Nowadays people like convenient life. It is a troublesome thing to decorate the house. Therefore, The lightweight partition panel is compliant. Developed by the wishes of the vast number of consumers.

The lightweight partition panel does not need the same material as the original wall material. It also needs water and cement, because it is a wall material with a hollow floor and a male and female groove on both sides. Simply erect the board and apply a small amount of caulking mortar to the male and female shovel, then it can be assembled, so this also reduces the cement or the process of cement, which also saves a lot of time for decoration, from another aspect. In this way, the lightweight partition board also brings certain advantages to theprotection of the environment. First of all, except for its own environmental protection effect, since it does not use water and cement, it is not necessary to make the home dirty everywhere. This also saves you the time to clean your home, so that your home can look clean when it is renovated, and there will be no excess cement in the place after the renovation, and the lightweight partition panel can also be arbitrarily cut to adjust the width, length, and material loss rate, in other respects, construction waste is also reduced. Therefore, the construction is simple and convenient, and the labor intensity is also reduced. Because the quality of the lightweight partition board is very light, unlike other wall surfaces, the transportation is also light and convenient during construction, which greatly speeds up the construction progress and can also shorten the construction period.

The advantages of lightweight partition panels and their contribution to the construction industry have made more and more people willing to choose it. Do you need renovation? Still worrying about what kind of material to choose? Still thinking about it? Choosing a lightweight partition panels will be your best choice.


Packing & Delivery & Shipping

1). Free packing, normal pallet + packing belt
2). Standard exporting packing, good pallet+pearl wool+corner protective paper+packing belt+plastic thin film
3). Loading: Normally 24 pallets per 40' container or according to clients' requirements

packingFree packing,normal pallet+packing belt
Standard exporting packing,good pallet+pearl wool+corner protective paper+packing belt+plastic thin film.
3.packing size:2270*610*1000mm,2440*610*1000mm
4.Loading:18 pallets per 20' container for 2270mm boards.
14pallets per per 20' container for 2440mm boards.

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